what are the best ways of increasing your blog traffic

I’ll assume you have a brand new blog, new domain with no history, no back links, and no established social media. If you have any of the mentioned, leverage that to the full advantage for views!


If anything there are too many ways to drive traffic in today’s age. The top answer and the answer you should be working towards is search engine optimization (SEO)! Nothing else matters in the long term and this will drive at least 75% of your traffic no matter what you do.

SEO is how random people find your blog on search engines like google, it’s organic and free. However, this won’t start happening unless you have great keywords and well written content. Also, it may take months for your articles to be trusted and listed on the first few pages of google/bing.

Some ways to drive imeditiate traffic to your blog are below in no particular order:

  • Social media
    • This should include Facebook, interest, Quora at a minimal. You’ll be able to gain traction right away and build a following through these established social medias.
    • Link your website in your bio and link in posts/responses ONLY WHEN IT APPLIES. (don’t be annoying)
      • Guest blogging
        • This is the process of righting content for someone else’s website and include links back to your article. It benefits both parties.
      • Niche applicable forums
        • This can include Reddit, Quora and other forums. If it applies to your blog niche you should be on it!
      • Email list
        • This is hard to gain traction in but you should start right away. It’s said you can make 80% of your profit from your most dedicated 20% of customers.
        • Use something link mail chimp to automate emails with updates and new blog posts to your dedicated followers.

      Remember you should be playing the long game with your blog, nothing will happen over night, do it and keep at it 

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